About Charmino

Relying on technical knowledge as well as creativity and modern design in the field of leather industry, Charmino Industry has been producing different types of leather products since 2007. As the leading brand, Charmino is one of  most dynamic, and active leather industries in Iran. 

Cahrmino Leather Industrial Group has taken serious measures to ensure quality, honesty in product sales, and customer satisfaction with regard to quality, and warranty services in addition to creating employment opportunities. Charmino has utilized modern knowledge and constant supervision to enhance quality to satisfy all tastes and choices.

Our products are produced by natural domestic leather with the highest standards in the world. It is noteworthy to state that our products are dyed based on the tastes of the customers with the use of natural  materials which make leather more durable and compatible with the environment. 

Charmino has incessantly tried to establish constant relations with the customers, and improve quality to increase its share in the local and international markets.

It is worth noting that encouraging the customers to purchase high quality local products supports local production, creates job opportunities and enhances dynamism in the society.